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Is the VYREU Luxury Package included in the shown price?

Yes, every VYREU comes with the complete Luxury Package - including an acrylic glass showcase, a watch stand, a hand-sealed certificate, a watch box, a personal VYREU Manager and the Luxury Package Box.


How do you ship my order?

We ship your order with all accessories in the VYREU Luxury Package box, which measures 20 x 20 x 20 cm and has a total weight of 1,5 kg.


Where do you ship from?

Your order will be shipped from our head office in Tyrol, Austria.


How do you pronounce VYREU?

Our name was inspired by a small village we came across in France, called Veyreau. Check out the audio below:


Do you offer a warranty?

Each timepiece is backed by a limited warranty that covers manufacturer's defects for the period of two years after purchase - your watch will be repaired or replaced for free.
Please note that the warranty does not cover normal wear and signs of usage (especially of the strap), water damage, battery replacement, scratches or fractions of the sapphire glass, accidental damages or water damage.


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